Operating a business security system can be challenging, especially for new users. As a business owner, you don’t have a lot of extra time to troubleshoot your system.

To prevent your security solution from taking away from valuable business operations, we’ve answered five fundamental questions about your business security system.

1. Will My System Still Work If the Power Goes Out?

With seasonal blizzards, hurricanes and storms potentially happening throughout the year, power outages are possible. However, business owners can rest easy knowing the Vector Security Monitoring Centers use back-up power sources, so they are fully functional, providing uninterrupted alarm monitoring service—even when bad weather knocks the power out.

Our monitored business alarms include a cellular back-up that allows the system to communicate with the Monitoring Center when the power is out.

2. Can I Control My Cameras from My Smartphone?

All business owners can view and operate video surveillance cameras from a smartphone. To do this, download the Vector Security mobile app on your smartphone. Once downloaded, business owners can:

  • Control the security system, including arming and disarming.
  • Create automatic arming schedules that fit operating hours so they don’t have to wonder whether the system is armed, or worry about accidentally triggering an alarm.
  • View activity reports that alert users when doors, windows, stockrooms, safes and offices have been accessed.
  • Monitor video of their business with cameras installed at their property. Watch live video or recorded clips, set up motion-triggered recordings and get real-time alerts.
  • Lower energy bills by remote controlling lights, thermostats and locks.

Mobile solutions from Vector Security put the ultimate control and convenience in the palm of your hand. Our mobile solutions are secure and password-protected, so no one can access your security system even if your mobile device is lost or stolen.

3. Can I Take the Security System With Me If My Business Moves?

If you should move during the term of your contract, please contact your local branch to discuss the options available to you.

4. How Does My Business Security System Communicate With the Monitoring Center?

A monitored alarm system works by sending signals to our Monitoring Center, where operators are available 24/7 to dispatch help in the event of a true emergency, such as a robbery or a fire. Should an emergency occur, your security system triggers audible and visual alarms, while sending an emergency signal to our Monitoring Center, where operators notify you and the authorities.

5. How Do I Request a Test From My Central Station?

Testing your business security solution every three months is critical to the functionality of your system. To do this, call into the Central Station at 1-888-832-8671 and enter your zip code when prompted. When speaking with an operator, ask them if you can test your system. The operator will walk you through the steps to trip your alarm system and ensure that there is no police dispatch made so you can avoid a false alarm.

Vector Security customers can also use the Customer Portal to place their system on test and view alarm history.

If you have any further questions or concerns about your business security system, please contact our experts and schedule a service call today.