This post was originally published on December 31, 2013 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Making New Year’s resolutions is an opportunity for reflection and self-improvement. Research shows that while 60 percent of us make New Year’s resolutions each year, only 18 percent of us keep them.

But 2021 can be different. Instead of committing yourself to daily pre-sunrise workouts, make a resolution to achieve a safer home for you and your family.

Below, we’ve included some attainable tips to make 2021 your safest year yet.

1. Get To Know the Neighbors

Are you familiar with your neighbors, or did you move into your home without forming a familiar relationship with them? This year, make it a point to get to know your neighbors and build trust with them.

An established relationship with your neighbors can be mutually beneficial for a number of reasons. If you’re away for a period of time, it is nice to have someone to call upon to collect your mail and keep an eye on your vacant home. Having this go-to person also helps you stay in the loop with neighborhood news and events.

Look for opportunities to say hello and offer assistance. Be the helpful neighbor that you wish your neighbors to be.

2. Get Involved in a Neighborhood Watch Program

If a neighborhood watch program is already established within your neighborhood, resolve to join it or become more involved this coming year. These programs are great at bringing small communities together and also act as an additional layer of security, but remember to maintain social distancing as long as CDC guidelines remain in place.

Involvement communicates a level of trust and respect among neighbors and shows that you care about the wellbeing of both your family and the community.

If a neighborhood watch program is not yet in effect in your area, follow these four steps to start one.

3. Compile Emergency Safety Resources

Putting together an emergency safety kit often finds its way to the back burner until an emergency hits and you wish you had been more prepared.

Start the year with an organized and accessible compilation of resources. We suggest having the following items within easy reach:

  • Flashlight
  • Supply of batteries
  • Bottled water
  • Battery-powered phone chargers
  • First aid kit
  • Nonperishable food

In addition to the above items, you should also set out to create a family evacuation plan so you’re wholly prepared, if disaster strikes.

4. Step Up Your Home Security

Assess your home to see if it is vulnerable. If you find that your security could use some enhancement, do not delay the process. Intruders never have an off-season; so neither should your security.

It can be overwhelming to research all of the home security products available. A high-quality vendor will assess your home to identify security weaknesses and work with you to find the best solution based on your property and lifestyle.

This year, break bad habits, and encourage good behavior and care for yourself and your family.

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