Vector Security also chosen to protect company’s Milwaukee, Wisconsin site.

Technical Transportation, Inc. (TechTrans), a third-party logistics (3PL) provider of transportation, logistics and tracking for manufacturers of specialized high-value medical equipment, chose Vector Security to protect its new corporate offices and warehouse in Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas.

The 40,000 square-foot facility includes 25,000 square feet of warehouse space. Vector Security provides this site with video, access control and intrusion solutions.

TechTrans chose Vector Security after a bidding process that included several security providers, and evaluating proposals based on system design, recommendations, expertise and price.

“Our major concerns were keeping liabilities down and protecting our customers’ equipment from theft, damage and vandalism,” said Michael Pyle, Information Systems Manager for TechTrans.

According to Craig Garry, General Manager of Vector Security’s Dallas Branch, “We addressed TechTrans’ concerns with additional cameras for certain doors and entrances that need extra surveillance, access control that is integrated with the alarm system, and access cards that could be printed onsite.” Additionally, Garry acts as an administrator on TechTrans’ access control account so he can quickly help with any needs or questions that arise.

Pyle said the video cameras have been valuable in confirming equipment loading and offloading. “If someone says something was delivered, we’re able to review footage and confirm if and when that activity took place,” he said. “Additionally, access control has been really helpful in helping us meet compliance requirements, and allows us to issue different badges for different access levels.”

TechTrans has been very satisfied with their service, so much so that when they opened a new location in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Vector Security was a natural fit. “We wanted to duplicate what we already had,” Pyle said, “so Vector Security was the perfect choice.”

This time, Garry teamed up with Vector Security Networks National Accounts Manager Bill Dito for design and installation at the 9,000 square-foot facility. That location is now also protected with video, access control and intrusion solutions.

Pyle said that fortunately there haven’t been any alarm incidents at either location, but he has peace of mind knowing the sites are protected with Vector Security.

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