No matter where you live, you’ve experienced severe weather. From thunder and lightning to tornadoes and hurricanes, weather can be extremely damaging—yet, it’s out of our control.

If you have outdoor home security equipment, you must secure all of your devices to avoid damage from the elements. Below, we list three ways you can work with your security professional to protect your outdoor home security equipment from severe weather.

1. Encase Equipment With Proper Housing

The first and most effective way to keep your outdoor security equipment protected during harsh conditions is to cover it with proper housing. This shields your devices from rain, frost and snow. Consider purchasing cases for all devices exposed to the outdoor environment, including:

When housing outdoor equipment, confirm there is no moisture or condensation inside the casing—especially for cameras. Not only can internal condensation harm your device, it also obstructs the view. Always check the camera housing first if your live stream is unclear.

2. Waterproof Cables and Wires

After you protect your equipment with the proper housing, it’s time to secure the cables and wires that connect your devices to the system. If your cables are openly exposed, you must waterproof the area where the component connects to the device.

Use plastic conduit to keep the outside of the cables protected, or invest in an outdoor-rated cable. These cables encase the inner part of the wire with a gel-filled jacket and protect your devices from the outdoor environment.

3. Secure Equipment to a Solid Structure

Lastly, you don’t want to connect your outdoor security equipment to a weak structure, because this is the foundation of your device. If the structure falters, then so does your device. Also, do not attach equipment to metal poles. Metal is highly conductive and can attract lightning.

Instead, install your outdoor devices on buildings. This includes your home and any sheds, barns or garages you might have on your property.

Security equipment is meant to protect you and your property from danger. Take the necessary steps during installation and ensure your devices are set to handle severe weather conditions. For help with proper placement, professional installation and set up, contact our team today.

How do you protect your security equipment from severe weather? Share in the comments below.