Approximately 28 percent of Americans misplace their keys once a week, which can lead to unfortunate lockouts.

Many homeowners have experienced being locked out of their homes. But, getting locked out during the winter when it’s snowy and cold can be even more frustrating and dangerous.

Fortunately, there are a few ways you can prevent getting locked out of your house. Read on to learn three tips to ensure you’re never left out in the cold this winter.

1. Give Spare Keys to Trusted Friends and Family

Do you have trustworthy neighbors or friends and family that live nearby? If so, give them a spare key.

Not only can they be your way in, but they also can check in on your house when you’re away during the holidays or on vacation. However, if you’re giving your neighbor or friend a key to your home, make sure you truly trust them. If you have any suspicion or doubt, you should not give them a key and consider an alternative solution.

2. Keep a Spare Key In Your Car

Keeping an extra house key hidden in a “keytainer” in your car will only work if you have access to your vehicle at the time of a lock out. Also, many people keep their house keys on the same keychain as their car keys, so this will only work if keys are separated. Consider keeping your house keys and your car keys separate, especially during the wintertime.

However, if you choose to keep a spare key in your car, make sure it’s hidden. In the unfortunate event your car is stolen, hiding your house key will keep thieves from finding it and accessing your home. Also, don’t keep anything in your car that would give away your home address if at all possible.

3. Install Smart Locks

The most secure solution would be to consider installing smart locks. These devices eliminate the need for a key and allow users to control locks and access their home remotely from a smartphone or tablet. This way, if you’re ever locked out of your home during the winter, you can use an app on your phone to unlock your door. With smart locks, you’ll never have to sit in cold weather and wait for your neighbor or a locksmith to unlock your door.

Consult with a trusted security vendor to determine how smart locks can fit into your home security solution.

How do you avoid getting locked out of your home? Share in the comments below.