Summer is one of the best times of the year for kids. What could be better than three months of ice cream, fireflies and no school?

But, if you’re a parent, you experience a whole new kind of summer break.

Finding daytime babysitters, organizing rides to summer camp and taking the winning team out for pizza gets added to your to-do list. With all the excitement summer brings, it’s easy to lose sight of home security.

To help you enjoy carefree fun in the sun with your family, we’ve listed three top summer safety reminders for families.

Lock Up

Remember to lock up when you leave for work. Historically, crime tends to rise in the summer. If you hire a babysitter to look after your kids, ensure he or she knows how to properly lock up your house. All front doors, back doors, garages and windows should be shut and secured when left unattended.

For added protection, install the following home security equipment:

  • Glass-break detectors: These sensors use a microphone to listen for sounds with the same frequency of breaking glass. Once detected, an audible alarm is triggered and an alert is sent to your smartphone or mobile device.
  • Smart locks: Control your locks using your mobile device, and set up unique passcodes for guests, nannies and household workers. Passcodes allow you to manage and track whoever enters your home, from any entrance.
  • Window and door sensors: Motion-triggered sensors send alerts to your mobile device whenever a window or door is accessed. A monitoring center will also be notified if someone should try to break in your home.

Take some time to walk your nanny and children through the installed equipment. Provide them with a rundown of how the features work to minimize false alarms.

Keep Watch

Whether you want to check in on your kids while you’re at work or monitor your doorstep activity, there are several ways you can keep watch over your home.

Surveillance systems are one of the most effective solutions to increase the visibility in and around your home. Consider installing a system that allows you to view real-time video streams with alerts sent to your mobile device every time activity is recorded. For optimum visibility, homeowners should place cameras above all entryways, around the property’s perimeter and in rooms like kitchens, playrooms and bedrooms.

You can even install doorbell cameras, which let you see and interact with whoever is at your door—all from your mobile device. Conveniently keep track of when your kids come and go while you’re at work.

Also, consider a neighborhood watch program. Members of these organized groups take turns looking out for any suspicious activity in their area. Inform group leaders that your kids are home for summer vacation and see if they can pay closer attention to your home while you’re at work. Introduce your children to the neighborhood watch group and let them know if you have a babysitter to prevent false alarms.

Whether you’re organizing or joining a neighborhood watch, ensure your group meets regularly and maintains efficient communication to discuss important community issues.

Be Available

Lastly, you should always be available for contact. In the event of an emergency, like a break-in, your kids, neighbors or babysitter must be able to reach you. Also, ensure all of your security equipment includes mobile capabilities. Create alerts that are sent directly to your smartphone, mobile device or tablet to notify you immediately. The quicker you’re aware of an emergency, the faster you can respond and minimize damages.

How do you secure your home when your kids are on summer vacation? Share in the comments below.