This post was originally published on June 29, 2017 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

With summer about to be in full swing, many restaurants provide outdoor seating to provide a unique dining experience and generate additional revenue. However, easy access to the outside makes patio furniture a prime target for many thieves after hours.

To help keep your restaurant safe and secure during the summer, here are 3 ways to prevent patio furniture theft:

1. Secure Your Furniture at Night

One of the best ways to secure your patio furniture from theft is to move it inside before closing down for the night. However, moving all your patio furniture in and out every day can be a great hassle. Moving all that furniture can cause some late nights and early mornings.

Another option is using padlocks and steel cables to lock down your patio furniture. These devices prevent thieves from moving your furniture once secured. This method is far less tiresome than physically moving all of your patio furniture.

As for smaller and foldable items, such as cushions, patio umbrellas, potted plants, trash cans, etc., you can use a lockbox to secure them or simply put them inside.

2. Install Video Surveillance Cameras

Enhance your restaurant’s security system and help prevent patio furniture theft with strategically placed video surveillance cameras. Mount visible cameras to ward off intruders and record the patio space 24 hours a day.

  • Access archived clips to view previously recorded footage that can serve as tangible evidence of a crime.
  • Adjust camera positions remotely to record multiple angles of your property.
  • Ensure you place video cameras legally and display proper signage to honor the privacy of employees and patrons.
  • Set up motion-triggered recordings to capture clear visuals of any unusual movement.

3. Set Up Mobile Alerts

Keep tabs on your patio, even when the restaurant is closed. Sync smart devices with mobile alerts to receive immediate notifications when an alarm or image sensor has been triggered. Mobile alerts allow users to respond promptly should an issue arise.

Leverage remote access to complete the following tasks:

  • Lower energy bills by remotely turning on or off patio lights.
  • Schedule automatic system arming to fit your business hours.
  • View activity reports that alert you if any locks or entrances have been accessed.
  • Have motion sensors to alert you if there is any presence on the patio while closed.

Additional Considerations:

Restaurant owners can take additional measures to help prevent patio furniture theft. Some tips to consider include:

  • Provide fencing around your patio area to deter intruders
  • Keep your patio area lit at night
  • If you spot an intruder or experience patio theft, contact the authorities immediately.

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