If an active shooter targets your business, you must already have a plan in place to protect employees and customers, and minimize the devastating effects.

Follow these security measures for a sound action plan to prevent or appropriately react to an active shooter situation. 

1. Have Security Measures in Place

Put business security equipment and security policies in place to minimize the chance that your business becomes the target for an active shooter. There is no one-size-fits-all security plan, so have a security expert analyze your business and help incorporate security equipment into your company layout and culture. A few general security recommendations include:

  • Limit unwanted entry to your business by using access control technology.
  • Install security cameras to help spot trouble before, during and after an active shooter situation.
  • Use 24/7 monitoring to have trained professionals ready to dispatch the proper authorities in the event of a confirmed threat.
  • Host employee training seminars so your workers know how to best react to an active shooter situation and why enforcing security precautions is so important.

2. Devise and Practice Your Plan

In the chaos of an active shooter situation, it’s crucial to have a devised plan that is routinely practiced to aid in potentially life-saving activities. With a plan in place, employees are more likely to take one of the proper actions: evacuating, hiding or fighting instead of freezing.

Create a company culture that encourages employees to identify and report troubling behavior to help prevent escalating incidents.

3. Put People First

In the tragic event that your business is affected by a shooting, you must put people first. Don’t just jump back in to business as usual. Check in with all members of your staff and get a pulse on how people are doing. If needed, provide resources for dealing with trauma, shock and grief.

When these activities are completed, revisit your security measures and action plan and return to business operations.

Contact a security expert today to take the first step toward a safer business.