Burglary and fire are two primary threats that can greatly impact your business, valuable assets, employees and customers.

In fact, the average burglary takes less than 12 minutes, and fires become life threatening in less than two minutes.

Due to the severity and swiftness of such dangers, security companies utilize a monitoring center to help minimize damages. When a threat encounters your business, the monitoring center alerts you and the authorities. This around-the-clock awareness improves response time and mitigates risk. Here’s how:

Help at a Moment’s Notice

Businesses that utilize a monitoring service have a distinct advantage when it comes to emergencies. If any alarm at your business is triggered, a signal is sent to the monitoring center, where experienced operators are available around the clock to dispatch the right authorities to your location.

For example, if a criminal were to break in to your business:

  • First, an audible alarm is triggered, alerting occupants and/or intruders of an emergency.
  • Next, an event-specific emergency signal is sent to the Monitoring Center, where operators are available 24/7.
  • Then, an operator calls you (or a designated contact) to verify the alarm.
  • Lastly, if unable to verify, the operator dispatches the appropriate help and calls your emergency contacts.

Inside Vector Security’s Monitoring Center

Monitored burglar, fire and carbon monoxide alarms save critical time during an emergency. With Vector Security’s monitored alarm service, business owners have access to award-winning features, including:

  • An owned and operated Monitoring Center that allows for total control and accessibility whenever an emergency occurs.
  • Uninterruptible power supplies that ensure continuous monitoring of your security system.
  • False alarm protocols that let authorities know the need for a response is real so there’s no second-guessing.
  • Experienced operators that will respond with speed and accuracy to your alarm.

Time is crucial during an emergency. Your business needs a monitoring service to help minimize the threat. Connect with a trusted security vendor for a monitored security solution that fits your business needs.