Keeping in touch with your unmanned business can be difficult without the proper security solutions in place. Businesses such as fueling stations, self-storage facilities and carwashes run with mechanical fluidity, but often lack the supervising element of having a person on site.

Safeguard your unmanned business with the insight and convenience of hosted video surveillance.

Eye on Your Business—Anytime. Anywhere.

Throw away your preconceived notions of video surveillance, including hardwiring, elongated setups and tape logging. Hosted solutions store videos in the cloud, doing away with digital video recorders (DVR) and network video recorders (NVR), cutting costs and making the installation process a breeze.

With cloud hosting, you can access video feeds from anywhere, at anytime, via PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Gain Valuable Insight

Beyond its robust safety features, hosted systems provide business owners with performance and customer insight. Use the data captured from intelligent cameras to:

  • Monitor your business.
  • Track customer activity.
  • Improve internal processes.
  • Oversee day-to-day logistics.

Stay Informed

As a remote business owner, staying informed can be a great challenge. With the right security system, you can keep your distance without sacrificing awareness.

How? You’ll receive alerts to your computer, tablet or phone based on events you have pre-chosen and customized. For example, you can set the system to alert you each time a transaction is made, a customer enters or a product is in use (gas pump activated, storage unit unlocked, etc.).

This allows you to track the day-to-day of your business, and gives you the power to curb any suspicious or out-of-place activity.

Above All, Convenience

Cutting time and costs is a plus when considering what security solution is best for your business’ needs. Hosted video is easy to install and even easier to learn. With the right system, your business will see benefits such as:

  • Low up-front investment with no software or equipment updates required.
  • Simultaneous and secure multi-site viewing.
  • Health monitoring for all cameras with triggered alerts to your mobile device.
  • Rapid access to both low- and high-resolution video via web browser.
  • In-camera analytics to leverage data for your business needs.

Contact your local sales office for more information on our hosted video solution, CloudControl.

Image Source: Viktor Rosenfeld via Flickr