Top Tips for Small Business SecurityRunning a small business comes with a unique set of security challenges, including theft and lost revenue. Available technology, however, can mitigate some of these concerns.

Through monitored alarm systems, access control solutions and video surveillance capabilities, small businesses can stay more secure and profitable than ever before.

1. Keep an Eye on Employee Theft

Employee theft can have a big impact on your company’s bottom line. One study by the University of Cincinnati found that 64% of small businesses have faced employee theft. The study also found that cash was the most common target.

By hiring quality employees and creating policies that deter theft, you can decrease your business’ chances of falling victim to this statistic. Risk is further mitigated when video surveillance and access control systems are in place.

With video surveillance, you have the power to check in on your business—from anywhere, at anytime. It enables you to:

  • Keep an eye on employee activity.
  • Have evidence records if an incident occurs.
  • Stay in the know of daily business activities.

Furthermore, people change their behavior when being watched. Employees will be less likely to steal from the business due to fear of being caught.

Kill two birds with one stone: The same video surveillance system works well to also prevent and catch shoplifting, if working in retail.

2. Prevent Unauthorized Entry

Whether you operate a retail shop or office environment, there are certain areas of the facility that may be more sensitive than others—i.e. inventory stock room, file cabinets, cash assets, etc.

Keep such areas secure by limiting the employees who have access to them. This is easily achieved with access control technology. It can be installed to limit access to:

  • Cash registers.
  • Employee-only areas, such as restrooms and break rooms.
  • File cabinets.
  • Specific rooms—i.e. storage areas or inventory stock rooms.

It works by providing employees unique codes they input to gain entry. This lets you know who is assessing certain areas and and when.

Furthermore, access control systems keep the general public out of areas where they don’t belong. All of which results in a more secure environment.

3. Strategically Approach Revenue and Performance

Make your security system work for you in more ways than one. Data gained from security systems can further profits and sales, and prevent losses.

Through video analytics, you can better understand customer behavior and improve customer service. The data can be used to:

  • Justify store layout rearrangements.
  • Evaluate marketing effectiveness.
  • Monitor fraudulent activity—i.e. return and coupon fraud, stolen credit cards, cashier theft, laundered money and other unusual activity.
  • Improve operational efficiency by tracking customer and employee behavior.

These are just a few of the ways security systems are being used in small businesses to drive revenue.

What elements of a security system do you find most valuable for protecting your business? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source: Les Chatfield via Flickr