In 2016, the Vector Security Business Security blog covered a range of topics:

In case you missed our most popular posts, we compiled a list of our readers’ favorites below.

Readers’ Favorites in 2016

  1. HD Over Coax Vs. IP Cameras: Choosing Your Path to the Best Resolution
    When searching for the perfect surveillance equipment, resolution is often overlooked. With HD over Coax technology, provide your business with high-resolution video and enhanced security at an affordable price.

  2. The Internet of Things: Business Pros, Cons and Security Considerations
    The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow, providing businesses with the opportunity to innovate consumer products and company processes. Before implementing IoT devices, understand proper security measures, such as installing anti-virus software and ensuring compatibility with other equipment.

  3. How to Avoid DVRs From Overheating
    Heat is the prime culprit for digital video recorder (DVR) failures. Learn how your business can prolong the life of your DVR technology.

  4. Hospital Security: Structure for HIPAA Compliance
    Patient safety and privacy are top priorities at your hospital. When implementing security equipment at your hospital, it’s essential to assess it against HIPAA regulations.

  5. How to Evaluate Security Company Service Level Agreements
    Service level agreements (SLAs) can be tricky to understand. Next time you are getting ready to sign the dotted line, consider the tips provided in this post.

  6. How to Avoid Video Surveillance Legal Liabilities
    Surveillance cameras can deter theft, reduce violence and monitor employee performance. But if you don’t adhere to legal regulations, you could be doing your business more harm than good. Consider the legalities in this post and what your business should look for in an installation partner to remain compliant.

  7. Hospital Security: How to Safeguard Emergency Rooms
    Emergency room personnel are responsible for the wellbeing of their patients and employees, and video surveillance cameras can help uphold this standard. Learn key precautions and equipment needed to protect against violence in your hospital emergency room.

  8. How to Enhance Business Security with Outdoor Lighting
    Having outdoor lighting at your business can help deter vandalism, theft and other suspicious activity. But, which type of lighting is right for your business? We outline the various types of lighting to keep your business safe.

  9. How to Create Separate Networks Without Separate Broadband Connections
    Hosting multiple networks on a single connection can reduce costs, isolate networks and improve system performance. Learn how you can create separate broadband networks without separate connections to receive these benefits.

  10. How to Properly Monitor Your Self-Storage Facility
    People are always coming and going at self-storage facilities, which means these businesses could be at higher risk for theft and vandalism. Implement the security measures in this post to keep your customers’ assets and your property secure.