Businesses are beginning to implement more innovative devices and security equipment; this stands true for supermarkets as well.

Outlined below, we provide tips on security equipment and smart technology supermarkets can implement to improve customer experience, decrease theft and boost sustainability.

Improve Customer Experiences

Exceptional customer experiences increase repeat shoppers. In fact, 67% of customers indicated bad experiences will make them shop elsewhere.

The right security equipment can provide your supermarket insight into what products, aisles and promotions are most popular within your store. Using this data, you can improve upon the customer experience. Equipment to consider includes:

  • Beacons: Display messages to customers while they are in the store to offer them special promotions, updates and more.
  • IP surveillance cameras: Evaluate foot traffic to see if certain areas of your store are congested or rarely visited.
  • Point of sale (POS) analytics: Dive deeper into customer purchasing habits and sales patterns to uncover preferences that can be used to customize offerings.

Decrease Theft

With roughly 27 million shoplifters in the U.S., protect your store from loss with the proper placement and usage of security equipment. Consider:

  • POS monitoring: With the integration of video surveillance and POS transaction data, keep watch for any suspicious activity at the register.
  • Access control: Control who has access to certain areas within your store, such as those designated for employees only. Know who is coming and going to ensure product, food and equipment security.
  • Remote video surveillance: View live or archived video footage right from your mobile devices, and receive notifications of suspicious activity (for example, someone entering your supermarket after hours).
  • Monitored security alarm. Disarm, arm or monitor your security alarm system from your mobile device. Your alarm will also be directly connected to a 24/7 monitoring center for immediate help if needed.

Boost Sustainability

Supermarkets use a lot of electricity to power lights, HVAC, freezers and refrigerators. Eliminate wasted energy or unnecessary use. Pre-set schedules, and control equipment remotely with smart thermostats, lights and appliances.

What innovative devices do you use to keep your supermarket safe, sustainable and able to meet customer needs? Share with us in the comments below.

Image Source: beofonemind