Smart Cities: How IP Surveillance is Shifting City SafetyVandalism, traffic violations and crime can put local communities and property at risk. IP surveillance cameras can help cities avoid these problems and increase overall safety.

Solve Local Challenges with IP Cameras

With IP surveillance, cities can better identify and respond to incidents that may be harmful to property or citizens.

Local law enforcement and city officials can monitor activity in public places remotely, via smartphones, tablets or laptops to address problems faster and more accurately. Consider IP surveillance cameras for:

  • Public buildings. Avoid break-ins, crime and vandalism at local public buildings.
  • Parks or parking lots. Carefully monitor wide, open areas, such as parks or parking lots, with multiple cameras.
  • Stoplights and stop signs. Avoid danger on the road. Place cameras at stoplights and signs to ensure optimal traffic flow and proper enforcement of traffic laws.
  • Streets. Determine if specific areas of your city receive high traffic congestion or accidents during a certain time, day or location with video analytics.
  • Restricted areas. Enable motion-triggered settings to receive notifications if movement is detected in restricted or dangerous areas.

High-speed recording, high-resolution and zoom/angle control capabilities can allow law enforcement and city officials to better analyze facial recognition or traffic patterns, making it easier to uncover illegal or dangerous activity.

Customize Your Solution Based on Your City’s Needs

Although many cities face similar challenges, no two are the same. Evaluate your city’s IP surveillance needs by working with a security vendor to answer:

  • In what areas and locations would video monitoring be helpful?
  • How should cameras be placed to ensure full coverage of the above area(s)?
  • How many surveillance cameras are needed?
  • What frame rate and resolution will be required?
  • What is the proper bandwidth and storage needed for proper functionality?
  • Will cameras be used indoors or outdoors?
  • Are cameras compatible with current network connection(s)?

A trusted partner can walk you through the best camera setup, and ensure your network is configured to meet functionality, security and performance requirements.

How would IP surveillance cameras enhance your city’s safety? Share with us in the comments below.

Image Source: Matthias Ripp