New year, new you—right? More like, new year, new and improved security.

Your business has an alarm system, but you want to make some upgrades for the new year. What should you do? Instead of getting a whole new system, consider installing add-on equipment to update and improve your businesses security.

1. Surveillance Systems

Surveillance equipment will increase visibility throughout your business by monitoring entranceways, stock rooms, cash registers and other high-risk areas. Consider adding:

2. Intrusion Sensors and Detectors

Sensors can protect your business from break-ins and natural disasters, like fires or carbon monoxide leaks. Some add-ons you might want to consider include:

3. Automated Locks and Lights

Automated locks and lights are convenient and safe. These two solutions allow users to control features remotely through a mobile device or pre-set schedule. Consider adding these features to heighten your business security:

  • Smart locks give the user complete control over who can enter the building. These locks also provide insights as to how many times the door is opened and by whom, and can send alerts if there is tampering.
  • Smart lights are a convenient way to add protection to the inside as well as the outside of your business. Well-lit areas will deter criminals and provide a safer environment for employees.
  • Access control allows select employees certain access to specific areas using a unique passcode. Access control should be used to protect sensitive spaces in your business like stockrooms and offices.

New year, new security improvements, but you should still do your research before considering these add-ons. We also recommend you connect with a trusted vendor to ensure you’re getting equipment tailored for your business.