Growth in business is great. Revenue increases, profits are high and you gain recognition throughout your industry. But, when growth is rapid and unexpected, it can create several security problems.

For example, you hire several new employees to keep up with the constant demand. Now, you’re seeing several new faces on a weekly basis and before you realize it, your once “small” business has more than doubled in size. Not only does this create a nightmare for the human resources department, it also leaves your valuable business assets and information vulnerable to risks, including theft.

Fortunately, there are ways to keep security a priority for businesses experiencing unexpected growth. Below, we provide three security tips on how you can protect your company during this exciting time.

1. Include Security in Orientation

Hiring more employees is common for keeping up with unplanned business growth. In most cases, new employees have to go through orientation. Include workplace security training during the training process, and review your:

2. Incorporate Access Control

With more employees, you’re going to need some control when it comes to access. For example, new employees shouldn’t have ungoverned access to offices and hard drives containing sensitive business data. But, with an access control system, you’re able to:

Access control allows you to devote more of your time to other business related tasks by improving operating efficiency. With an access control system you can:

  • End the need to replace lost keys or make multiple sets of keys for new employees.
  • Incorporate time and attendance features to streamline administrative business processes.
  • Integrate with video surveillance to record events triggered by specific access credentials.
  • Quickly create customized credentialing to control who has access to what.

3. Utilize Security Equipment

Along with an access control system, consider installing other security devices to boost overall workplace safety. Key equipment to consider includes:

Sudden growth can cause you to overlook certain areas of your business. Don’t let security be one of them. Always contact a trusted security vendor when installing new equipment.