The “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” mentality could be putting your business at risk.

While your commercial security system may seem fine on the surface, unmaintained, aging devices are at a greater risk of cyber hacks, security shortfalls and downtime.

Increased Security Risks

Security companies regularly release updates to their systems to combat against security vulnerabilities and improve system performance. Sometimes, these patches are automatically rolled out to your system; sometimes, they are not. Regularly check your manufacturer’s website or work with a trusted security vendor to ensure your system remains up-to-date.

That said, the longer a device has been on the market, the longer hackers have had to crack the code. And if your system is really old, manufacturers may not even support updates anymore. This could leave your devices and data susceptible to hacks.

In addition, system installation – including business alarm systems and camera placement for your video surveillance system – was likely based on an assessment of your facility at the time. Most company’s needs change over time. Your existing setup may not be optimized to meet your business’ current needs—especially if your facility layout has changed, new assets were added or other technology updates have been made.

Poor Performance

Older systems are more likely to malfunction. For example, aging digital video recorders (DVRs) may lock up, reboot, stop recording or fail to playback videos. Proactive maintenance can help your business prevent system downtime due to hardware or connectivity failures.

Missed Improvement Opportunities

The other risk of outdated equipment is the opportunity cost of not having a newer model. Technology is continuously evolving and improving. Features, such as remote access and control, automated alerts and schedules, access management, and analytics, may not be available for older systems.

However, functionality like this can have a profound impact on your business’ overall productivity, flexibility, convenience and security. If you’re not regularly assessing new product releases, you may be leaving valuable benefits on the table.

Don’t Set it, and Forget It

Regular maintenance checks with an authorized provider should be conducted annually. Appointments can also be scheduled on an at-need basis if the system isn’t working correctly—e.g. damaged device, fuzzy footage or missed notifications.

Your provider may recommend an overhaul of the system if:

  • Devices are no longer supported by the manufacturer.
  • Business security needs have changed.
  • The system is not compatible with newer software or devices.
  • The system is more than three years old.
  • Performance issues can’t be fixed with manufacturer or software updates.

Is your small business security system aging? Contact Vector Security to discuss your options.

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