When it comes to theft, established protocols and well-trained staff are the first steps to safeguarding your business.

A sophisticated video surveillance system can then provide an added layer of protection. Cameras can watch your business with unbiased eyes 24/7, deterring dishonest customers and employees.

Here are three ways video surveillance can help you stop retail theft.

1. Mobile

Mobile video access allows you to check on your business at any time, from anywhere. Storeowners and managers can stream live videos to their screens and record clips while out to lunch or remotely make camera adjustments while visiting other locations.

Video surveillance also features motion-triggered alerts. For example, you can receive a smartphone notification when a prohibited area is accessed like your office, inventory supply room or safe. With mobile video, you can then check in on the area immediately.

2. Big Data Mining

Video surveillance can gather business intelligence like customer traffic, and purchasing and sales patterns. It can also help recognize suspicious store activity.

Similarly, if point of sale (POS) technology is integrated into your video surveillance system, you can catch mistakes and mishaps at the register. According to CSO, when video analytics is paired with POS software, retailers can:

“Count items, superimpose the register receipt over the video and then track things like item count compared to the register receipt, voids, returns and even instances where the cash register drawer has been open too long.”

3. Facial Recognition

Another form of high-tech video surveillance can recognize your customers, and compare them against a database of formerly identified or suspected shoplifters in your store. When a repeat offender is identified, the manager is notified and can proceed with the best course of action.

The statistics behind shoplifting are startling: nearly one in 11 people shoplift, and only few will get caught. Implementing technology into your video surveillance system could ward against business vulnerabilities you didn’t even know you had.

Video surveillance helps you identify your most trustworthy employees, and provides the knowledge you need to adjust security protocols as your business grows.