Recover Your Business from a BurglaryBetween property damage and the fear of a repeat occurrence, it can be hard to bounce back from a burglary. If your business has suffered from a robbery, follow these four steps to begin the road to recovery.

1. File a Report

Do not enter your business until the area has been cleared, as this can put you in danger. Although you may want to begin cleaning the damages, authorities must assess the crime scene beforehand.

The first step is to file a police report. If your Central Station Monitoring Center hasn’t already, contact the police.

2. Review Inventory and Damages 

Once a report has been filed, take a deeper dive into what is missing. Business owners know their businesses best; therefore, it’s essential that you survey the surrounding area.

To properly evaluate stolen items and building damages:

  • Call your insurance carrier. Alert your insurance provider to determine what is covered in terms of casualty losses.
  • Document possessions. Create a detailed list of missing and broken items. This will help you evaluate what needs to be replaced and repaired.
  • Notify your bank. In the event that financial data or money has been stolen, a representative will provide you with information for filing a claim.

3. Cope with Situation

Beyond the physical loss at your business, you may be feeling a bit damaged yourself. A robbery can leave you vulnerable and frightened, which is natural.

Try to maintain your regular routine the best you can. Clean up the damages, and contact the vendors you need to get your business back on track. Burglaries can be traumatizing, but do not let them define your business.

4. Re-evaluate Security Measures

If you do not have a security system in place, now would be a great time to get one. With proper intrusion protection, access control and video surveillance, your business could better identify and mitigate threats. A trusted vendor can walk you through your options.

If you have a security system in place, contact your vendor to reassess your property and current installation.  New features or an updated set up may be able to enhance your security and help to prevent future break ins. Although burglaries can’t always be prevented, proactive monitoring could help to protect your business.

Has your business experienced a burglary? If so, how did you recover? Share your tips with us in the comments below!

Image Source: National Rural Knowledge Exchange