Properly Maintain Your Business Security System

Your business security system is installed and running smoothly. Now what? To prolong equipment life, ongoing maintenance is critical.

While major system repairs should be left to your provider, you play an integral role in overseeing your security program each day. Follow the three simple tips below to ensure your business is secure 24/7.

1. Leave Major Maintenance to Authorized Service Providers

Do not attempt to fix or update your business security system on your own. Authorized professionals should conduct all major repairs and maintenance services. Security device repair requires training, experience and technical savvy. If a technical or service issue is detected, contact your provider to schedule an appointment.

Your staff can, however, maintain regular upkeep. Examples may include replacing batteries when needed and keeping devices clean. Specifically, ensure video camera lenses and motion detectors remain clear of environmental obstructions, such as tree growth, cob-webs and dust.

In addition, your security provider should keep you in the loop when new product or system updates become available. These updates will keep your system running smoothly, and eradicate known bugs or issues.

2. Keep a Pulse on Trends, Products and Services

Technology in the security industry is rapidly growing and changing. Stay up to date on emerging technologies by following industry news. Keep in mind, however, that device security remains a threat, and it may take time for your security company to vet and incorporate new product offerings.

Overall, hold your provider accountable—compare offerings, products and costs. Reach out to your provider to inquire about new security opportunities, and consider shopping the market if you are not satisfied with your system.

Schedule Regular Service Check-Ups

At the time of purchase, ensure that maintenance services are built into your contract. If not, be prepared to cover maintenance costs each time your system requires service.

Your security company should conduct an annual review to ensure your system is properly sending signals to the monitoring center.

However, if you become aware of a technical issue or glitch, reach out to your provider to schedule an appointment. Warning signs may include a damaged device, loose sensors, missed alerts or notifications to your mobile device, fuzzy camera footage or software compatibility issues.

How do you ensure your business security system remains in working order? Share in the comments below!

Image Source: pixelcreatures via Pixabay