Apple TV is altering the way companies conduct business as it enables employees to present, share, and work on projects in real-time through a single device.

Learn how to improve business operations and efficiency with Apple TV in the workplace.


Hold more productive meetings with Apple AirPlay. Users can wirelessly project visual and audio presentations from any iOS device; this enables workers to:

  • Minimize transfer time between presenters.
  • Share presentations on a larger screen.
  • Eliminate the need for multiple wires.

Client Meetings

Apple TV can help businesses facilitate more efficient client meetings. Clients can input a four-digit AirPlay access code to project their screens from their own devices.

If clients don’t have compatible iOS devices, provide a company laptop so you don’t have to reconfigure their laptops.

Resource Center

Businesses can store a collection of content, such as past presentations, images and video, on the Apple TV. This collection paired with preloaded applications, such as Youtube, PBS and ABC, can serve as a resource center for employees.

For example, the Coursera app gathers resources from a variety of digital platforms to streamline employee training. Similarly, RedBooth, the first native enterprise app on Apple TV, grants employees instant access to contribute to projects in real-time.

Security Monitoring

Apple TV can increase business security by supporting apps that enable employers to view video surveillance camera footage right on their TV screens. Control cameras and remotely monitor your business’ points of entry.

Security Precautions

Ensure your device is properly secured from threats, such as hackers or unauthorized users. Take the following actions to protect your company’s digital assets from vulnerabilities:

  • Only connect to password-protected Wi-Fi networks.
  • Refer to the manual for security recommendations.
  • Set up a separate network for the Apple TV.
  • Update device software regularly.

Apple TV settings also enable users to secure access to the device:

  • Manage network connectivity.
  • Limit content through proxy servers.
  • Set an AirPlay password to restrict access to only authorized users.

While Apple TV is still making its way into the workplace, it has already made a profound impact on businesses. Businesses can leverage Apple TV to become more productive and efficient while communicating.