Pop-up stores began as a trend, but are quickly becoming mainstream. Even online retail giants like Amazon have embraced the trend, with more than 20 pop-up stores across the United States.

Retailers appreciate the flexibility of a short-term lease on a space, and consumers enjoy the high-impact, memorable shopping experience. But, the smaller footprint and temporary nature of pop-up stores make for unique security needs.

Below, we overview the most effective ways to secure a pop-up store.

1. Protect Your Cash Register

Use your cash register and checkout area as a security asset. Position it near the store exit, forcing patrons to pass you or employees on their way out. This technique discourages shoplifters by giving cashiers a good sightline to anyone leaving the store.

Additionally, install point of sale (POS) surveillance to monitor cash registers. Viewing video feeds focused on cash registers gives you insight into employee fraud, cash register theft and all items purchased from your store.

2. Keep an Eye on Shoppers

Video surveillance cameras in other areas of the store, like near high-value merchandise, are key. To deter theft, position cameras with a wide view of your store. Install a security system with mobile capabilities, which allow you to view a live store feed from any mobile phone, tablet or desktop.

Not only do security cameras record potential law-breakers, they give you valuable information about the store’s busiest times, shoppers’ traffic patterns within your store and general merchandise sales trends. In a pop-up store, this information is important to keeping sales up in the short tenure of a specific location.

3. Secure Your Store After Lock-Up

Pop-up stores, by nature, only carry limited merchandise. Protect merchandise after the store has closed with physical barriers like rolling security gates. Most security gates can be packed away and brought to the next pop-up location, making them a solid investment.

Less likely to skew the aesthetic of your storefront are glass break monitors. They emit an audible alarm when someone smashes the glass in your store’s window. These sensors can also be integrated with a monitoring center and smartphone notifications.

4. Take Your Security With You

When it’s time to pack up your pop-up store and move on to a new location, bringing security equipment with you is key. Ensure that your equipment is high quality and semi-permanent, allowing you to easily move everything from place to place.

A well-thought-out security solution will offer you thorough protection and ease of use no matter where your pop-up goes next. Before you move, give your security provider ample notice so they can assist you with moving your equipment.

Because a pop-up store isn’t intended to be a permanent fixture, its security system should be flexible and easy to install, but effective. Striking the perfect balance with a customized solution is a job for your trusted security provider.