In the 2012, 8.9 percent of U.S. self-storage facilities were victims of break-ins or theft. At your business, people are always coming and going—so how can you ensure security at all times?

This post discusses how to properly protect customers' valuable assets from robbery and damage, and prevent unauthorized facility access and use with the appropriate security equipment.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance cameras can serve as your business’s eyes and ears—even when you aren’t there. Your customers trust you to keep their valuable belongings safe from harm, so why not provide them with the security comfort they deserve?

Evaluate the most vulnerable areas of your facility to decide on appropriate camera placement. Though you don’t need cameras on each individual storage unit, main facility areas should be covered, including:

  • Driveways or thruways
  • Entrance and exit gates
  • Payment kiosks

In addition to camera placement, also consider the types of cameras that are most suitable for your storage facility. Recommendations include:

  • Cloud-based: When housed in the cloud, video is available at anytime via web browser or mobile app. Footage is also safeguarded online—even if local devices are stolen or broken on premise.
  • High-Definition: With clearer images, you can identify faces, license plate numbers, car models and more.
  • Infrared: IR combats a low-light facility, providing visibility even in the dark.
  • Vandal-proof: Cameras should be able to tolerate harsh weather and treatment.

Remote Monitoring Alerts

Cloud-based cameras allow remote monitoring capabilities. Receive immediate email or text notifications if an alarm is triggered, unwanted motion detected or equipment damaged. Customize these event-based alerts to your personal preference to set your mind at ease. For example, know in real-time if a camera is down, someone entered the main gate or there is activity off hours.

Remote monitoring can also be extremely beneficial if you have multiple site locations. Just because you can’t be everywhere at once, doesn’t mean your security system can’t be. Consolidate video feeds for multiple properties into one central view for simultaneous, multi-site monitoring.

Access Control

Monitoring the facility entrance is crucial to storage unit safety. By providing limited access to authorized individuals, you can keep tabs on who is entering and exiting the facility. Provide your customers access to the facility and individual storage units with:

  • Biometric readers
  • Intercoms
  • Keycards
  • Keypad access codes
  • Cloud-based solutions

With unique access codes, you can keep intruders out, while gathering insight into who is coming and going. And with cloud-based offerings, you can view your locations remotely and control locks from your smartphone, tablet or desktop. To ensure access control equipment is compatible with your security system and installed correctly, contact your vendor.

Image Source: Scott Meyers