As spring draws near, it may be time to give your business security a revamp. Replace exterior lights, upgrade equipment, change system batteries and more to keep your business protected.

Assess Your Building’s Exterior and Physical Assets

Strong exterior security prevents intruders from entering your building. This spring, conduct an audit to ensure your exterior is as secure as can be. Some tips:

  • Replace burnt out or broken lights.
  • Ensure dark areas, such as doorways, parking lots and walkways are well lit.
  • Check video surveillance cameras to determine whether they are properly connected and updated with the latest software.
  • Check equipment and phone lines (which may be connecting security systems) to ensure they are not worn or damaged.
  • If you haven’t already, place surveillance cameras near windows and entryways.
  • Test locks, and consider replacing with smart locks if they appear dated or unstable.
  • Trim large bushes or shrubs to enhance visibility of your business’ outdoor area.

Evaluate Your Business’ Interior and Security Systems

While the outside of your building keeps intruders away, the interior has many facets that protect you, your employees, customers and valuable assets. When giving your business’ interior a spring refresh, consider the following: