When people think of surveillance and access control products, the first word that often comes to mind is “security.” But did you know that this equipment can also enhance operations? Find out how below.

Enhance Your Customer Environment

Analyzing recorded or live footage can increase business visibility, helping you identify customer patterns and habits. With this information, you can answer questions, such as:

  • Are there areas where customers need more assistance?
  • Can I see any potential dangers to my customers?
  • Do some parts of my business cause too much congestion?
  • Does it appear people have a difficult time finding products?
  • How much time are people spending in certain aisles or locations?
  • What areas of my business generate the most foot traffic?

Determine if business processes and setup are strategic, and if not, how they can be fixed. With video analytics as your guide, find ways to improve customer experiences to increase both sales and customer satisfaction.

Improve Employee Procedures

Security data can be an essential way to increase employee productivity. Security equipment keeps an eye on employees when you cannot. Evaluate procedures and protocols like:

  • Arrival and departure. Utilize access control keypads and surveillance cameras to assure employees are working their appropriate schedules and management functions (such as store openings and closings) are done on time. Identify negative repeat patterns that need addressed.
  • Customer interaction. Monitor how employees engage with customers. Whether greeting them at the entrance or providing assistance, assure employees are giving customers the attention they deserve.
  • Processes. Evaluate how long it takes certain employees to complete tasks and whether they are done correctly. This will help you determine if processes are working effectively or if they need improvement.
  • Staff levels. Better understand the number of employees needed during certain times of the day. If you notice excess time that is not spent productively or not enough employees to efficiently operate, re-evaluate staffing levels.

Keep your security data archived. You may have the opportunity to utilize footage or data for training opportunities and strategic development of future processes.

For more ways security analytics can help improve your business, download our whitepaper, “IP Migration for Enterprise Businesses. Readying the Network for Strategic IP Use Cases.”

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Image Source: Alex Campos