In his December 2013 60 Minutes interview, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, started the conversation about drone delivery, predicting it would be commonplace within five years.

While federal regulations still complicate the vision of commercial drones zipping through the air, we are getting closer to this reality. Almost half of all Americans are interested in drone deliveries of their purchases, and 56 percent of Americans believe that drone delivery will be faster.

Standard commercial drone use is a real possibility, so businesses need to prepare for the security implications.

Understand the Rules and Regulations

Misusing drones could put your business at risk with the law. Before deploying them, educate yourself and your employees on the rules associated with drones, such as where they’re allowed to fly. Know Before You Fly is an informative resource for understanding federal and local regulations.

Track Your Drones

Theft and damage are real concerns of drone use: 72 percent of Americans fear their packages being delivered via drone will be damaged.

Especially if they’re being used for delivery purposes, put an emphasis on extensive tracking of both drone and consumer package. Otherwise, your drone or the package it’s delivering could be stolen or damaged.

Make Drones Benefit Your Security

Heighten your security system with the addition of drones, using them as flying cameras to look out for suspicious activity. Home security tactics have already started including drones for this very purpose. If your business utilizes a large amount of land or has a sizeable campus or parking lot, this solution could be key to keeping it secure.

Beware of Hackers

Like any Internet of Things (IoT) device, drones are susceptible to hacking. Drone jacking is a threat predicted to impact businesses in 2017. Do your research when choosing a drone to purchase, and prioritize one that has been digitally encrypted for safety.

To keep your drones secure, abide by IoT best practices, such as using strong passwords and protecting the network they’re operating on. Additionally, drones should be included in regular security consultations with your trusted security provider, which ensures all security assets are up-to-date and working properly.