Daycare Surveillance: Driving Security, Visability and Revenue

Parents don’t want to feel apprehension when leaving their children at daycare. So why not increase security measures with a simple solution that provides both better protection and enhanced care?

This post outlines how surveillance cameras can increase security measures, parents’ visibility and even revenue streams.

Enhance Security

Children and employee safety is a number-one priority, which means security measures should not be left to chance. Having a video surveillance system at your daycare facility helps increase overall care quality and security. Surveillance cameras can:

  • Deter and detect unwanted intruders and threats.
  • Ensure proper childcare from employees.
  • Document disputes or problems between children for evaluation.
  • Send alerts if motion is detected in restricted areas.

Plus, enhanced security features and equipment are appealing to parents. Give yourself the extra advantage you deserve.

Increase Parents’ Visibility

Some parents are uneasy about leaving their children at daycare. But with surveillance cameras at your facility, you can provide them with the peace of mind they seek.

Parents can view live or recorded footage with custom remote access logins, no matter where they are. For example, parents can check on their child during their lunch break or downtime at work. This provides them valuable insights on their child’s overall well-being and care in real-time. Parents can also potentially see major milestones, such as first steps, while they are away, decreasing common memories missed while working.

Drive Revenue Streams

Although purchasing a surveillance camera system is an investment, it’s one worth making. Not only can you increase your daycare’s safety and visibility, but you can also add an additional revenue stream.

Most parents are open to paying an additional monthly fee to access real-time video footage of their child’s daycare. Charge a small recurring price for unique logins, and you can drive ROI on equipment, while providing a premium service that sets your daycare apart from the rest.

How would your daycare facility utilize surveillance cameras? Share with us in the comment below.