How many emails did you receive today? How many went straight to the trash before you opened them?

With constant daily communications, it’s important to catch the attention of your employees when the message matters. Text alerts are an effective way to reach employees with important security notifications.

Text Alert Basics

Regardless of what happens at your business, you’ll know when it happens with a text notification. Text alerts are sent when a specific trigger event takes place, such as a door being unlocked, motion in a stockroom, or a fire alarm going off somewhere on company property. They are automated, ensuring your employees receive important notifications as soon as possible.

For example, if you incorporate text alerts with access control technology, your employees can receive a notification when a restricted area is accessed. There are multiple use cases for text alerts, and you can set up mobile alerts for your business’s specific needs.

Depending on your company needs and industry, the uses for text alerts may vary.

Benefits of Text Alerts

Businesses in a variety of industries can benefit from text alerts. If your business checks off any of these boxes, it’s a strong contender for text alerts:

  • You categorize your business as a large company.
  • You have numerous business locations.
  • You operate on a large campus or site, like a warehouse.
  • You work in an industry viewed as exceptionally dangerous (i.e. manufacturing).
  • You work in an industry that has a high chance of theft (i.e. medicine).

Large companies with many employees or a spread-out facility need an easy way to reach workers. Text alerts are ideal when security information needs to be spread quickly.

Security Equipment to Complement Text Alerts

Text alerts can be paired with many pieces of business security equipment. When paired with motion-based sensors, employees can be notified if a safe or stockroom has been accessed. If a fire alarm or security alarm sounds, your employees can be notified immediately. With confirmation of a true threat, the proper authorities are dispatched to your business for any programmed situation.

Pairing text alerts with security cameras means you never have to wonder what’s going on at your business. If anything is amiss, you and your employees will know right away. Once you receive an alert, you can confirm a threat to dispatch authorities and watch live video or archived incidents on your smartphone. This can help identify trouble and aid in a timely investigation.

Is it time to add text alerts to your business security plan? Contact a security expert today to get started.