Businesses face a slew of security concerns, ranging from theft to employee safety to information security.

Whether you’re considering your business’ security for the first time or reevaluating your current system, start with a strategy that balances deterrence, detection and documentation.

When implemented together, you’ll be able to proactively prevent crime, as well as mitigate damages should a situation arise.


Stop the crime before it happens. Deterrence is the best way to ensure the safety of your business, customers, clients and assets. Access control systems do a great job in this area, as they regulate who can gain entry into particular areas within your facilities and provide data that can be useful to your operations.

Each approved person (e.g. employees, maintenance workers, cleaning service personnel) is given a unique code—allowing you to see who enters and exits the office, and when. This monitoring prohibits strangers or unauthorized individuals from entering secured areas, and reduces the likelihood of crime.

Another important deterrence strategy is proper employee education. Train staff on how to detect and report suspicious activity among colleagues, customers and others.


Detection includes real-time identification that a crime is occurring and recognition of the responsible party.

A standard alarm system will alert you and emergency personnel that an unauthorized person has gained access to your business or building. The system will also sound audible and visual alarms to ward off the intruder(s).

Video surveillance takes it a step further, serving as your eyes when you are not there. Check on your business during the day or after hours via PC, laptop or smartphone, and set up notification alerts for pre-set triggers (e.g. after-hours entry, safe access, etc.).

If a crime occurs, surveillance tapes may also help you catch the perpetrator red-handed, and serve as evidence.

Safeguard your business with a security strategy that combines deterrence and detection for ultimate protection.

Image Source: Jyri Engestrom via Flickr