Family-owned Canadian Fur Company was a loyal customer of Vector Security for 80 years until its fourth-generation owner, Keith Rosenstock, retired this past January.

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The Beginning

In 1936, Canadian Fur Company began working with a Vector Security predecessor to secure its storefront. Looting was a major problem at the time, and the business needed protection from future losses.

The company placed electrically charged metallic shields on the windows for monitoring and employed armed security guards to oversee the premises.

Evolving Together

Throughout the years, Canadian Fur Company’s needs changed. The company’s focus shifted from preventing looting to stopping burglary attempts and shoplifters.

Vector Security accommodated Canadian Fur Company by installing new technology in its retail and storage facilities. Some of the new security measures included motion detectors, smoke and security alarms, and video surveillance.

Customer Service

Even when approached by other vendors, Canadian Fur Company stayed loyal to Vector Security due to its outstanding customer service. According to Rosenstock, “Vector Security did more than they had to do in every instance … they really did.”

When an alarm would sound at Canadian Fur Company, Vector Security often showed up before the police. In less urgent circumstances, Vector Security was less than a 20-minute wait for Canadian Fur Company. For example, once Rosenstock found himself locked out on a weekend, and Vector Security came to unlock the door. The relationship between the two businesses became more important than the actual transaction.

Canadian Fur Company and Vector Security withstood the test of time and formed a relationship built on trust. Through unwavering customer service and the ability to meet changing needs, Vector Security earned 80 years of Canadian Fur Company’s business.

“I want to thank Vector Security for the service they provided me and my family over the years,” said Rosenstock. “They have truly been outstanding, and I am very grateful to them.”

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