New technology developments allow businesses to work more efficiently and effectively, but also pose new security risks.

When evaluating security vendors, look for partners that are up to date with emerging business and technology trends. This will help them better protect your business against emerging threats. Here are three must-have qualities of business security vendors of the future.

1. Automation Capabilities

Automated security systems and smart equipment decrease time spent on security-related tasks, allowing businesses to focus on profit-driving work. When comparing security vendors, prioritize those that invest in understanding how geo-fencing and targeting, voice and facial recognition, machine learning, and other smart functions can enhance your security strategy, while adding convenience to your everyday tasks. Products offered should be best of breed and inline with modern capabilities.

But don’t stop there. Products also need to be secure.

Be sure your provider is educated on the risks, and proactively safeguarding these new technologies. Many newer, smart devices aren’t built with security in mind, and could expose your business to more harm than good. Whenever you introduce new Internet-connected devices onto your network, you need to be sure that the devices, access points and network itself are safe against potential threats.

2. Ability to Integrate

Tomorrow’s security vendors must ensure security in an age of physical and digital integration. For example, many companies are moving video surveillance footage and other critical physical security functions to the cloud. It’s no longer enough to have great loss prevention and information technology teams working in silos.

The best vendors will be able to consult on both your business’s physical and cyber security—and most importantly, how they work together.

As devices (cameras, locks, etc.) move online, precautions must be taken to keep your network running at optimal performance and security, or you could experience hacks, downtime or loss of critical business functions.

3. Flexible Packaging

Future security vendors need to provide flexibility in the packages they offer. Each business will have unique security requirements based on their location, number of sites, number and type of network-reliant business functions and technologies, in-house resources and personnel, data sensitivity and budget, among other factors.

Find a vendor that will work with you to thoroughly audit and assess your business, and then create a customized security plan based on findings. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to safeguarding your business. Connect with a security vendor that has solutions that fit all of your business security needs.

Nobody can predict the future, but they can prepare for it. Look for vendors who stay up to date on current security trends to keep your business safe.