The United States Fire Administration estimated 104,600 non-residential building fires in 2015, resulting in $2.7 billion in damages. Business owners must utilize safety equipment, including smoke detectors or heat-activated sprinklers, to alert and extinguish fires.

Here are the benefits of integrating fire safety with your business security system.

Consolidated Services Under One Vendor

Consider a vendor that offers both fire and security products for efficient dispatch services and optimum protection. When you integrate fire safety with security, you combine all your safety prevention solutions into one consolidated system. Both fire and security emergency signals will be sent to one monitoring center, allowing operators to quickly dispatch necessary emergency personnel to your business.

In the event of an emergency fire, the process would work like this:

  • An alarm will sound to allow for immediate evacuation or notification.
  • Signals are then sent to the 24/7 monitoring center.
  • A call is placed to the business owner on file to verify the situation’s severity.
  • Operators then notify your local fire or police department if an emergency has been confirmed or you are unable to be reached.

One vendor also makes repairs and maintenance easy, as you can contact the same person regardless of the system that needs serviced.

Real-Time Video and Sensor Monitoring

Rapid response time during a fire can make all the difference. Integrated real-time monitoring through surveillance cameras and temperature sensors allows users to oversee high-risk areas where a fire might occur, like a restaurant kitchen.

Cameras also allow you to look back and see where the fire started, how it happened and who might have been responsible.

Adherence to Fire Codes

Work with your IT department and your security vendor to ensure compatibility between the fire and the security systems, as well as confirm all safety regulations are met. The National Fire Protection Association posts over 300 consensus codes and standards to minimize potential fire threats. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to meet these requirements for a safe working environment.