Access control can maximize staff and student security at your university by giving insight into who is coming and going on campus.

It includes equipment, such as:

  • Access cards.
  • Basic intercom systems.
  • Biometric readers.
  • Proximity readers.
  • Swipe readers.
  • Turnstile readers.
  • Video analytics interface.

Below, we overview how these technologies can benefit residence halls, dining halls, recreational buildings and classrooms.

Residence Halls

Gain greater control of who is entering and leaving the residence hall, or certain areas of it—dorm rooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and study areas.

Provide students and residence hall staff with unique access cards, codes or passwords to gain insight. You can also automatically deactivate keycards if lost or stolen to prevent unwanted parties from entering buildings or individual rooms.


Students and faculty spend a good deal of time in classrooms. Increase security measures with access control, and gain the following benefits:

  • Allow individuals to enter buildings or classrooms after hours, if needed.
  • Monitor multiple buildings, classrooms or restricted areas remotely. Receive alerts on your smartphone, tablet or desktop of suspicious activity.
  • Incorporate time and attendance features for staff to streamline administrative processes.

Dining Halls and Recreational Buildings

Eateries and recreational buildings receive immense foot traffic day in and day out.

Install access control equipment in ballrooms, dining halls, fitness centers, student centers and libraries to restrict access to faculty, students and authorized vendors.

In addition to keeping the general public out, this equipment can provide insight into how amenities are used and uncover areas for improvement. For example, by knowing the most popular times of day for dining halls or fitness centers, you can improve processes and logistics for optimal operations.

To fully evaluate your college’s specific needs, work with a trusted vendor to determine which access control equipment is right for you, your students and staff.