Back Up IP Security Systems with Cellular MonitoringIP-based security systems use an Internet connection to transmit alarm signals, enhancing your business’ security equipment functionality and improving the speed of communication with the monitoring center.

With IP-based security, your business can:

  • Eliminate PSTN (phone line) connections.
  • Improve remote monitoring and management capabilities.
  • Efficiently transmit device status and other information that was previously impractical or cost prohibitive.
  • Improve alarm response time.

Although IP security systems can be a great way to provide increased security and functionality, adding a redundant communications path is still an important consideration. The primary IP pathway can be interrupted by:

  • Local network maintenance.
  • Provider (ISP) outage.
  • Router or network device misconfiguration.
  • Tampering or damage to building cabling.

What good is your security system if it’s not properly connected to your vendor’s monitoring center? Always have a Plan B.

Cellular Backup is a Solid Choice

Cellular as a backup to IP communications allows you to securely transmit data from your devices through a designated, wireless network when your primary Internet connection is unavailable.

With proper setup from your vendor, security communications will automatically switch over to your backup cellular connection, greatly enhancing the ability of your devices to communicate with your monitoring center.

Don’t let a single communications path be your security system’s weak link!

What is your business’ security backup plan? Share with us in the comments below.

Image Source: FutUndBeidl