An effective business security strategy starts at your building’s entrance. Monitored entrances create a safeguard between your business and potential intruders.

Keep your business safe by using the right equipment to properly monitor all who enter and exit your building.

  1. Install Business Surveillance Cameras

Video cameras, positioned at various angles near your building’s entrance, record who is coming and going at your business. Keep an eye out for suspicious activity from anywhere with mobile monitoring solutions. This mobile-compatible technology allows you to check in on your security camera live feeds from your tablet or smartphone, no matter where you are.

  1. Utilize Door Alarms

When business hours are over, keep doors secure with monitored alarms, which emit an audible alert when the entrance is breached. Choose an alarm with a user-friendly control panel, which enables users to easily turn the alarms on and off, and change settings. The most effective alarms link to a monitoring center, which triggers an operator to call you and dispatch emergency services.

  1. Integrate Access Control

An access control system uses advanced technology to give certain people access to designated areas. Employees can gain access to building entrances automatically with a number of different products, including access cards, biometric readers, cloud-based access control, access via smart devices, and intercoms. Access control systems are an efficient way to keep employees moving in and out of your building, while vetting guests with an extra security layer.

  1. Use Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)

For a retailer, the business entrance poses a risk by acting as an escape route for thieves. Electronic article surveillance is completely customizable, outfitting entrances and exits with sensors that emit an alarm when stolen items pass through them.

  1. Enhance Network Security

Just as important as the physical entrances to your business are the digital entrances. Keep hackers from entering your business’ network with security safeguards and best practices, such as maintaining strong passwords, updating network firewalls, and educating employees on phishing schemes.

Protect every entrance to your business with these tips, and you’ll gain comfort knowing that your assets are secure.