Whether it’s coordinating repairs or collecting rent, a landlord’s responsibilities are vast. But, where does security fit into the mix?

Here are five tips for landlords to protect their tenants and property investments.

1. Secure Main Entrances

According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, 34 percent of burglars enter through the front door and 22 percent through the back door. Here are several ways to fortify your property home’s entrances:

  • Deadbolt locks should be added in addition to regular locks. Deadbolt locks are different from spring locks because the only way they can be moved to the open position is by rotating the lock cylinder with the key.
  • Door material should be solid wood or metal. Weak wood doors with windows are easy to kick in or smash.
  • Doorbell cameras allow landlords to keep an eye on their doorsteps from their smartphones. If you rent out a property as a vacation home seasonally, doorbell cameras help you to monitor whoever stops at your doorstep.
  • Smart locks give the renter or landlord the ability to control locks using smart devices, eliminating the need for keys. Smart locks replace keyholes that burglars could pick to get inside the home. They also allow landlords to easily change lock codes between tenants, saving time and money replacing door locks.

2. Apply Window-Break Sensors

When a burglar is unable to gain entry through a door, they’ll most likely look for a window. To avoid a window break-in, consider glass-break detectors that trigger an alarm if activated. Just inform your tenant that these are installed to avoid false alarms.

3. Install Outdoor Cameras

If you own a multi-family home, consider outdoor cameras to increase security around the property’s perimeter. Your tenants will benefit from peace of mind that the grounds are under surveillance. Place cameras at:

  • Back entrances
  • Common areas
  • Front entrances
  • Outdoor hallways
  • Stairwells

Note: You cannot place cameras inside tenant units.

4. Position Proper Lighting

A well-lit property is another reliable way to protect your property investment, while making your tenant feel secure. Place lights near entrances, driveways and backyard/porch areas if applicable.

You can even install motion-detecting lights for an extra security layer. These are especially handy for properties that may not be occupied at all times, like vacation homes that are only rented a few times a year.

5. Install an Alarm System

If you really want to secure your property and tenants, install a monitored alarm system. In the event of a break-in, the system will sound an audible alarm and send an emergency signal to the monitoring center, where operators will immediately dispatch help to the property. Because all properties are different, contact a vendor and schedule a property inspection to determine specific security needs.