From opening activities to your closing time checklist, your business has a lot to oversee. With an integrated security app, you can connect all aspects of your business's security features to one, easy-to-use, on-demand location. From locking doors to adjusting your thermostat, an integrated security app can do more than you may think.

Below are three ways an integrated security app can improve your business.

1. Centralized Security Equipment

An integrated security app connects all compatible security equipment so you can see and control all video cameras, locks and lights from your smartphone. You can arm and disarm your entire security system in one place with an integrated security app.

For example, when you connect security cameras to an integrated security app, you can check in on your business anytime, anywhere. View live or recorded clips from your mobile device. Not seeing what you need? You can even adjust your cameras from the app.

Text alerts are valuable if you have specific areas, such as safes or stockrooms you want to monitor. Set up motion-triggered recordings so you can receive real time alerts when restricted areas are accessed. Or, just check an activity report on the app to review what doors, windows, stockrooms, safes, etc. were accessed.

2. Closing Time

Think of all items on your closing list. While a security app can’t take care of your nighttime sweeping, it can take care of major closing activities with a few quick touches:

  • Turn off lights. Set your lights to turn off and on automatically with business hours or control lights through the app.
  • Lock doors. Never worry if you or your staff remembered to lock up after hours. You can check that doors are locked from the app. If an employee forgets their key or doesn’t have access to one, lock the door remotely for them.
  • Arm the security system. Prevent nighttime burglaries by arming your business after hours. With an integrated security app, you never have to wonder if you armed your security system. You can arm and disarm it remotely.

3. Energy Management

Leaving lights on overnight or running your A/C at all hours racks up a big bill for your business. Save on energy costs by using an integrated security app. Check the app to ensure smart lights are off when not in use. You can program a set schedule for your thermostat and adjust via the app when needed.

Set automatic schedules and receive alerts when changes are made to those schedules. When the temperature changes drastically or your operating hours are altered, you can make adjustments from your smartphone.

Are you interested in improving your business with an integrated security app? Contact a security expert today to get started.