Your office space is an asset, but also a liability—and you may not realize it. It provides an access point for thieves or malicious individuals to reach your staff and valuables.

From lobbies to server areas to break rooms, owners, managers and supervisors must protect offices from theft, vandalism and danger. Here’s how.

1. Install an Access Control System

First, put systems in place to regulate who can enter your physical office space, whether visitors or employees. Access control systems come in a variety of types, and can include electronic badges and swipe readers, biometric readers, turnstyles, intercoms or photo identification systems.

In addition to making sure only authorized persons enter your office, they can also restrict entry to sensitive areas, such as executive offices, computer rooms or high-clearance floors.

2. Implement Video Surveillance

Once individuals enter the building, video surveillance systems can help owners and supervisors document their activities. Surveillance systems provide live video for real-time monitoring or recorded visuals for future reference. Some offer notifications if motion triggers a camera, unusual activity is suspected or an external alarm is triggered.

Video surveillance can help prevent malicious activity, identify culprits if theft or damage occurs, and ensure employee security procedures are followed.

3. Set Up a Monitored Alarm System

You can’t always be at the office, but you can always protect it. A monitored alarm system alerts you when a break-in occurs or suspicious activity is suspected. It also triggers audible and visual alarms to deter intruders from causing further damage.

Installed to protect doors, windows and interior spaces, monitored alarm systems should run on uninterruptible power supplies to guarantee 24/7 operation. The best offer anytime, anywhere access and control.

Depending on their functionality, they may also be able to protect your office from non-human threats like fire and carbon monoxide.

Image Source: spDuchamp via Flickr