When you start a new business, funds are tight and every dollar counts. New businesses can easily fail because of cash flow problems, so it’s crucial to be wise with the limited resources your business has.

When limiting expenditures, some businesses may choose to skimp on security. This isn’t recommended. Think of security as an investment that you can improve upon over time. Your security should grow with every stage of your business.

The Start-Up Phase

Cash flow is limited because you don’t have a great deal of resources when you’re just starting. This means you have to carefully choose what you spend money on, which could limit the security measures you select.

In today’s digital business landscape, that means network security. You may not even have an office space yet. A virtual private network (VPN) adds a layer of privacy to your network and can keep your data safe.

If you have an office or retail space, you should at least monitor entrances and other access points with video cameras. This way, you can see who’s entering and exiting your office even while on the go via mobile device or tablet.

The Steady Growth Phase

When your business gains traction and has a steady cash flow, this is the time to consider reinforcing your security measures. Utilize more video cameras throughout your building, monitoring areas like inventory to prevent employee theft.

Additionally, you can consider access control systems to further protect your business from trespassers. Access cards ensure that only employees can access the building, and special locks secure restricted areas from unauthorized personnel.

The Established Business Phase

At this point, your business has settled into steady success. You can invest in more enhanced security measures, even opting for smart building functionalities to make managing a bustling building easier.

For example, install environmental hazard alarms to warn against potential disasters like flooding. Or, implement, energy management tools, such as smart thermostats and locks, for complete control of your building’s security and energy usage via mobile device.

Your business should also be equipped with cyber security policies to protect your important data. Employees should be well trained and reminded of safety measures often, and an annual security audit will ensure optimal safety as your business continues to thrive.