Choosing a security system for your home is no trivial task. There are a lot of factors you must consider before making the purchase. A lot of new technologies are cutting the cord, with security devices following the trend. Learn why Vector Security puts its trust in wireless security.

Why a Wireless Security System?

Here are a few benefits you get when upgrading to a wireless security system:

  • It’s harder to tamper with: A significant weakness of older security systems is the need for wires. A security system is only effective when operational. Many criminals can easily cut wires on security products, rendering them useless. However, it’s much more difficult to interfere with a wireless security system.
  • It’s a “smart” solution: Smart home technology is revolutionizing the home security industry. A key benefit to smart home products is you can connect them to a unified platform that’s accessible from your smartphone, laptop, etc. All of these products form a smart home ecosystem where they all work together to keep your home protected.
  • It’s less invasive: Nobody likes tearing up the valuable walls in their home if they don’t have to. Because wireless security systems don’t have wires, there are fewer holes in the walls from installation. They’re also easier to relocate, so you can move them or make modifications with minimal effect on your interior.
  • It’s operational during a power outage: Since most wireless security systems are battery operated, they will remain active during a power outage. This is particularly important if someone tries to cut the power when targeting your home. You can be confident knowing that your security system still has your property covered even during electrical emergencies.

Are There Any Weaknesses to a Wireless Security System?

As with most devices, wireless security systems have a few weaknesses that you should know. If your wireless system is battery-powered, you have to keep close attention to the battery life and change them whenever recommended. A dead battery makes your security system useless, so it’s important to stay ahead of it.

Additionally, most modern security systems, especially wireless ones, are connected to the Internet. Lapses in coverage or faulty Internet connection can significantly hamper the effectiveness of your system. Fortunately, there’s a solution. We recommend getting a wireless security system that has LTE connectivity. LTE ensures your systems continue to operate, even when the Internet is down.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Home Security System

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing a home security system. Installing can be difficult yourself, and maintaining your systems over time is no easy task either. The DIY route may be cheaper in the short run. But they don’t beat the long-term benefits you receive when partnering with a home security expert.

At Vector Security, we help families find the right security products to protect their homes. We cover the installation, show you how our products work, and are there for maintenance and emergencies. To get the most out of your wireless security system, it’s always better to trust the experts. If you would like to learn more about what Vector Security can provide, feel free to contact us today.