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Verizon will shut down its 3G network by December 31, 2022. Upgrade now to ensure your system can continue to send emergency signals.
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What is a 3G network?

3G networks began rolling out in 1998, launching the mobile Internet that we have come to think of today on our cell phones. However, 3G is now being replaced by newer 4G technology. For Verizon customers, 3G will shut down by December 31, 2022, so you will need to upgrade your alarm system to 4G technology in order for it to continue to send signals to our monitoring center during an emergency.

Why is the 3G network sunsetting?

In response to the need for increased speeds and greater bandwidth, national cell carriers have started migrating from 3G to 4G mobile telecommunications across North America.

Shutting down the older 3G network and moving to 4G will drastically increase data capacity and speed on the newer networks.

What does the 3G sunset mean for my security?

Your alarm system was installed with a 3G communicator, which was the newest technology available at that time.

However, with 3G being replaced by 4G technology, you will need to upgrade your system in order for it to continue to send signals to our monitoring center in case of an emergency. For Verizon customers, if you do not upgrade by December 31, 2022, your system may not be able to communicate with us.

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