12/23/16 UPDATE: AT&T has confirmed they will begin shutting down their 2G network beginning January 2, 2017. Because the process will be done in short phases, the entire 2G network will most likely not shut down all at once, but consumers should expect it to happen very soon. If you haven’t already upgraded your equipment, please contact us immediately to ensure uninterrupted service.

Many cellular providers are shutting down the older 2G cellular network, city by city, in a process called 2G harvesting. This harvesting process takes 2G frequencies and converts them to 3G frequencies over time, eventually shutting down the 2G network once all frequencies are harvested out. The goal is to get 2G subscribers to move to the latest technologies.

Since 2G sunsetting is an ongoing trend, we have created this Resource Center as your one-stop source for information related to the 2G sunset and how it affects you as a Vector Security customer.

To ensure that your service remains uninterrupted, a Vector Security representative will be calling you soon regarding this mandatory upgrade.

If you have further questions, please contact your local branch, email us at 2Gsunset@vectorsecurity.com, or fill out the form below.

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